Friday, January 19, 2018

MS Project 2016 Live Lessons – Guaranteed Learning or Your Money Back


I am delighted to announce the availability of Microsoft Project (MSP) 2016 Live Lessons, a complete video course.  

"MS Project 2016 Live Lessons – Guaranteed Learning or Your Money Back"

This is one of its kind course in the world with guaranteed learning.

This course includes advanced concepts such as Earned Value Management (EVM), Resource Pool Management, Multi-project management, Critical Path Measurement (CPM), Forward/Backward Pass Technique, Float Management, Resource Levelling, Project Reporting and Project Closing

The content of this course has been used many professionals.

Top Features
  1. 214 videos covering all relevant aspects of MS Project 2016. (+26 NEW videos for Agile)
  2. 8.75 hours of deep learning. (8 hours 45 minutes 34 seconds)
  3. 7 hours of practicals. Contains 15 practical with 30+ hands-on big practical solution files (not 3 to 4 liners mpp files), which are progressively built-up.
  4. Contains advanced concepts such as Earned Value Management (EVM), Resource Pooling, Managing Multiple Projects, Critical Path Measurement (CPM), Forward/Backward Pass Techniques, Resource Levelling, Project Reporting, and Project Closing.
  5. 100+ practice questions.
  6. Highly simplified content and language, with real time examples.
  7. 100s of tips and tricks and shortcut keys as you go through the course.
  8. Agile Features - working with Scrum and Kanban [NEW]

High Level Course Breakdown
  • Lesson 1 - Welcome and Pre-requisites (16 videos): 24:27 [24 minutes and 27 seconds]
  • Lesson 2 - Introducing MS Project 2016 (21 videos): 47:49
  • Lesson 3 - Tasks (19 videos): 44:38
  • Lesson 4 - Resources (12 videos): 24:25
  • Lesson 5 - Calendars (10 videos): 21:14
  • Lesson 6 - Understanding Scheduling Formula (13 videos): 30:55
  • Lesson 7 - Developing Project Plan (12 videos): 31:32
  • Lesson 8 - Leveling Resources (8 videos): 22:43
  • Lesson 9 - Analyzing Project (21 videos): 01:01:38
  • Lesson 10 - Tracking Project (11 videos): 30:06
  • Lesson 11 - Sorting, Grouping and Filtering (11 videos): 29:42
  • Lesson 12 - Reporting Project (16 videos): 48:38
  • Lesson 13 - Earned Value Management (19 videos): 54:54
  • Lesson 14 - Resource Pool and Managing Multi-Projects (12 videos): 32:04
  • Lesson 15 - Closing Project (12 videos): 23:55
  • MS Project 2016 - Lesson Agile - Working with Agile Methods: 1:18:17 [NEW]
  • MS Project 2016 Practical Workbook
  • MS Project 2016 Practical Solutions Files
  • Tips and Tricks MS Project 2016
  • Final Talk (1 video) 2:28

More details available at:

What is Guaranteed Learning or Your Money Back Program?
You will receive access to the entire video course for 3 days. You go through the videos, along with detailed instructions (also in video format), If you don’t like the course, I’ll refund your entire money - no questions asked.

There are no little tricks on terms and conditions.

The premise is simple.
Check the entire course for 3 days. You like it, you continue and learn.
In case you don’t like it, I’ll refund your entire money. 

Applicable Software Versions

  • MS Project 2016 Professional, MS Project Online Professional/Project Online Desktop
  • MS Project 2013
    (if you have MS Project 2013 and want to use this course, you can use it as well. MS Project 2016 is backward compatible with MS Project 2013.)

Detailed Course Breakdown
The detailed course breakdown is shown below (Embedded PDF). It details on hours of learning, number of videos and practice questions, and practicals. You can scroll or open in larger screen by clicking the arrow on right in the embedded frame, to see the content. 

If you want to buy or have any other question, please send an email to
If you want to watch some sample videos, before taking your decision, you are welcome to do so. 

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